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Mr. Jimmy's is family owned business, since 1967. With a well recognized name in the industry for over 55 years, we have serviced individual needs from people all over the world. We have made thousands of clients feel more confident about their appearance. We believe that quality, value and our one on one personal service for each and every individual client makes the difference.

We offer many different services specifically to your own personal wants and needs. Helping you achieve that look and confidence is number one goal for you.

Some of the services we provide are self maintenance all the way to no maintenance, as well as the strand by strand process. One of our more popular services is our natural hairline which is virtually undetectable, so you can stop worrying about your hair and focus on more important day by day business.

We offer many ranges of custom and readymade systems, but the best way to figure which is best for you is to call for a free consultation.






We carry a variety of high quality women's wigs.

Monofilament Styles, Lace Front Styles and Hand Tied Styles.


Mr. Jimmy's Ltd

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